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We found the cheapest 4K laptop right now and it even supports Alexa


Home News (Image credit: Lenovo) The Lenovo IdeaPad S940 was never meant to be the cheapest 4K laptop on the market. The Chuwi Laptop Plus was supposed to hold that crown, but the model was pulled (perhaps due to the under-powered processor).You can pick up this Lenovo machine for just under $800 (roughly £600) in…

This is the cheapest 32-core CPU worth buying right now and it is EPYC


Home News Computing components (Image credit: AMD) AMD’s EPYC processors have, by and large, been very well received by server vendors and users and if you head over to eBay, you will see a number of server processors being sold for dirt-cheap prices, a very enticing way to build a powerful workstation on a budget.At…