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YouTube for Android to show Google search results with similar video results


Image Source : PIXABAY YouTube to get a new feature Popular video streaming platform YouTube is soo to add a new feature that can make searching for a topic easier. The new feature will start showing Google Search results (of similar context) along with the videos you are looking for. Read on to know more…

YouTube Music rolling out improved, more logical library


Adapting to YouTube Music can be a pain if you’ve been a Play Music user for years. Google has been promising to make various changes to ease the transition, and it’s rolling one of them out today. YouTube Music has new library organization that makes it much easier to find specific artists or tracks. Previously,…

YouTube on Android now acts as a voice remote for the TV apps


Earlier this week, YouTube introduced several new features to its app with the hopes of making it more accessible and easier to use. The most noteworthy addition was that viewers can now use voice search when casting the YouTube app to their smart TV. The new function is extremely straightforward — simply press the Cast…